Business Process Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing (BPO) has become a major driver of performance in business today and it can also be a driver for strategic change. Companies the world over are realising the many benefits of transferring non-core activities to specialist companies. Komals has 40 years of experience as an innovator in this field and, as a result, we have developed an impressive track record and a wide range of services.

BPO allows you to outsource individual, non-core business processes to Komals, such as:

                                 Finance & Accounting and Procurement

                                 HR & Payroll services

                                 Training & Learning services

                                 Document Management services,

as well as special industry related processes in sectors such as:

                                 Banking & Insurance

                                 Energy & Utilities

                                 Telecoms customer management.

Why Komals?

We have extensive experience in BPO with both commercial and public sector organisations. We manage payrolls, electronic marketplaces and core business processes for a wide range of companies and government departments in Europe, Asia and the U.S.

Our global blended sourcing approach, which combines onshore, nearshore and offshore resources, gives you the best combination of expertise to suit your needs. We are leading global partners of SAP, Oracle and Agresso, so we have an in-depth understanding of back office processes and how to deliver them effectively.

A BPO agreement often forms part of a major change programme and involves the transfer of staff as well as assets. We have successfully transferred thousands of people and created new and broader career opportunities for staff.

Finally, we recognise that outsourcing is a partnership, not just a service. Our contracts have continuous improvement measures built in to make sure the partnership works for the duration of the agreement.

What we deliver

                                 A blend of expertise to suit your needs

                                 Faster innovation and business change

                                 Mission-critical solutions

                                 State-of-the-art technology and communications infrastructure

                                 Increased productivity

                                 Powerful combination of process expertise and technology

                                 Strong investment in European language skills in offshore locations

                                 Expertise in local laws and regulatory requirements

                                 Increased control over, and greater transparency of, organisational processes

                                 A smooth transition to outsourcing

                                 Maximum value from technology

Our BPO capability typically leverages our wide ranging IT outsourcing experience to deliver a full service for which we take full delivery responsibility, freeing up your valuable management resources to concentrate on core business issues.

To discuss how business process outsourcing could benefit your business today, please contact us via email or telephone


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